'Cailean' started drinking very young in an effort to forget a childhood trauma. She became a functioning alcoholic. Had a happy family and life until one day an accident in the playground took her control away. Her drinking is now destroying her and her family. Her attempts to recovery continue to fail, the last one sends her to the ER and is now on her deathbed. Death has been watching her all her life and now sees this as an opportunity, breaking the rules he takes her soul before she dies hoping that by exposing the forces that manipulated and consumed her soul will concede her to accept his offer.

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from novel to screen

Maritza Brikisak was searching for a challenging leading role. Novelist Keith Rommel, whom she connected while working on the film ‘The Cursed Man’ by Jim Perry, suggested she read the role of ‘Cailean’ from a draft he had written based on his Novel of the same name. Maritza fell in love with the character of 'Cailean' and knew she had to make the film.

Keith and Maritza refined the script, which received a Best Screenplay award from Zed Fest Film Festival. She hired a company to film it. Eleven days later she received a hard disk and she proceeded to edit for the next 8 months. Post Production was a true collaboration: the music was composed by a family friend, Tom Rizzo College friends did sound design Kristine Rommel, Alex Cavalleri and David Botrill provided the official song ‘The Storm’ filmmaker friends offered valuable suggestions and producer Frank Krueger was instrumental in the development of the film from origin to completion.

Multi award winning film brings awareness to the human struggle through supernatural imagery. A powerful message, 'feeding the negative will eventually consume you'.

This picture is rated PG-13 by the MPAA,
​for disturbing thematic content and some bloody images.